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Dynamic content, control, and
cost effectiveness.

Digital signage is an electronic (LCD or LED) display, or network of displays, that are installed in public spaces which allows you to display multiple messages in many different and dynamic ways. It grabs attention in a more subtle and engaging way than traditional signage. The high definition displays offer vivid colors and the ability to include elements such as news feeds. Your digital signage can even include a video.

$899 Setup Includes

  • Digital Signage Computer

  • Programming

  • Graphic Design Support

  • Customer provides HD Television of any size.

$50 Monthly Fee Includes

  • Maintenance

  • On-going Graphic Design Support
    ** Support time limited to 30 minutes per month.

Benefits Include

  • Available in split screen with News & Weather Feed or Full Screen Marketing Slides
  • Schedule Slides by Day Parts, Convenient for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menus
  • Revenue Generation
  • Reduce Costs

  • Improved Audience Engagement
  • Targeted Content
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