What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Duke Bakery

The website could not have turned out any better. I think I have looked at every bakery site in the country and I’ve never seen a site that is as nice as what Riverbender.com built for me!
Ben Hollis

Freer Auto Body

Yesterday we (Debbie Schuneman and myself) were guests on the “Our Daily Show!” It is a great addition to your Riverbender company and CJ is fabulous. He is a great listener, interviewer, energetic, fun, humorous. I wanted to compliment you for hiring such a great personality for this position and him for doing such a great job. Our Daily Show! is a great addition to our community news programing. Thank you!
Margaret Hopkins
Owner at Freer Auto Body

Village of Elsah Tourism Committee

I wanted to thank you personally and from the Village of Elsah Tourism Committee for all the Riverbender.com team did to make our festival (The Village of Elsah Festival) a success. Our collaboration with you from a promotion aspect was outstanding:
  • Posting our initial postcard on various media outlets
  • continuous updates to our website
  • advertising in Buzz Magazine
  • numerous emails (too many to mention) revising and updating the festival schedule of activities
  • Radio promo with CJ Nasello
  • Dan Brannan’s excellent reporting on our event (great meeting him in person too)
I’m sure I’m missing other benefits as well that we received from Riverbender.com. One, in particular, I want to thank you, Ashley, for your suggestions on how to enhance the promotion of our event with a QR code and an ad in Buzz.
Thank you and the entire support team for your partnership with us!
Julie Connoyer

ReClaim Inc.

Thank you to Dan for featuring ReClaim on the Riverbender site, Facebook, and email! Your efforts have had such a wonderful impact on our business – increased awareness in the community and increased web leads and incoming calls. Thank you again – We truly appreciate it!

Adrianna Lock
Manager at ReClaim Inc.

Resurrection Lutheran Church Godfrey

Ashley at Riverbender created a new website for Resurrection Lutheran Church in Godfrey, IL. Members of our board reviewed it and all who did were delighted in the fresh look. Ashley was great to work with; she listened to our desires and quickly responded to our requests for updates. If you are looking for a website design, or want to refresh your website, I would highly recommend Ashley’s work.
Pastor Len Hoffmann

Elsah, Alton Grace, Hartford UMC

When our congregations decided to enter the world wide web, we were in dire need of a company that could help us develop our goals, walk us through the process, and deliver a product that delivered our goals.

Our situation was unique in that, due to cost considerations, we had to find a way to feature all three churches on one website. Our goals were to make the three churches known throughout the Riverbend Area, celebrating their rich individual histories as well as direct people to contact pages seeking information on our various ministries.

We wanted a simple, clean presentation that was easy to navigate.

As our developer and consultant, Ashley Hentrich was just the person for the task. She patiently worked to refine our marketing goals,  then developed a wonderful website for us. Not only that, she has trained us to be a bit self-reliant when making minor edits and she has always been accessible to us for any major changes or edits.

Ashley’s professionalism and attention to detail helped us to overdeliver on our goals. I would highly recommend her for any web development project you may need.

Pastor Alan Abert

Safe Food Specialist

The best thing I ever did was to get a website for my business. Ashley is the gal!

Linda Petterson

Village of East Alton

Working with Riverbender to update our website was super easy! I was certain this would be a very difficult update, but Ashley really helped us out by going above and beyond in design and content. All I had to do was gather the necessary information and updates on our end and send them to Ashley, where she took care of the rest. The upgrade was easy and painless. We have all been very pleased with the new website and happy with how easy and helpful Riverbender was for all our website needs.

Darreth Naylor

Escape to Elsah

The website looks great. The Riverbender.com team has done an amazing job and I have enjoyed working with all of you during this transition. Thank you again for your professional and detailed work on our website. Truly appreciated.

Julie Connoyer

Sam’s Pawn Shop

We love our new site! For a local business, we wanted to use a local company to build our new site. Riverbender designed our new logo, and quickly put together a quality site that we love! It caters to our business history in town and gave us a much-needed online presence! With their help, we are receiving numerous compliments on how professional it looks! We feel it caters to everything we wanted to do along with what we currently do. The search optimization has helped us bring in customers, and it really has been well worth the investment!

Sam Balaco

Eagle Home Improvement

Wendy Wickenhauser has been my rep from Riverbender.com for the past few years. She has taken our completely outdated website and turned it into something that has been a great tool for our customers. The enhancements have greatly increased the traffic on our site and overall business. When choosing a remodeler, customers are often bombarded by fly by night companies that do not have a website at all; our website helps us differentiate ourselves as a reputable and trustworthy company. She does a fantastic job and helps us constantly update and tweak things on the site. I couldn’t be happier with the work the Riverbender has done.

Ashley Babcock

St. John’s Community Care

Alison, Mike, and Pat,

Kudos to all of you for surviving the design and launch of the St. John’s website. You are consummate professionals.

We are grateful for your friendship and talents! Thanks for everything!

Missy Athmer

Outrageous Outdoors

We at Outrageous Outdoors recently had a special function that we worked with Riverbender to help us promote. We were very pleased with the excellent customer service we were given. Everything, from meeting with our salesperson to seeing our ad on the site, to the video article they did for us was done with excellence. They worked with us to meet our budget for the event and gave us options for additional advertising when our event was complete. We are currently advertising with them and will continue to utilize the many options of advertising they bring to the table.

Kim Jones

Widman Construction

Riverbender.com continues to be proactive in making sure that our website is up to today’s standards. Through its courteous sales staff and efficient web designers, I was able to get a complete website redesign with very little headache. I found this redesign to be cost-effective and the final product very creative and sufficient for our needs.

Kudos to the entire team at Riverbender!

Travis Widman

Medford Oil Co.

From the first introduction to the time we launched our new site, the experience was wonderful. The entire Riverbender team worked with us to make sure our needs were first and the site reflected our family business. They did a great job putting the site together, even checked in on a regular basis to make sure it was what we were expecting. They didn’t push anything on us we didn’t need or want and were very professional throughout the entire process.

We highly recommend the Riverbender team!

Jake Medford

Sanders Waste

In the 3 years, we have been with Riverbender.com and Pat Schwarte, our business has doubled and nearly tripled.

Our website is complimented all the time by our customers and they love the online billing feature which makes paying your bill a breeze. Also, the website makes it much easier for our customers to contact us through click-to-call on their mobile devices or by email after hours should they need something.

Pat and the other Riverbender Associates are always ready to lend a helping hand should a question or issue arise.

Toni Brown

City of Alton

I am writing to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the City of Alton. When I initially approached you about possibly updating our website and becoming our email provider, I had no idea what I was actually asking of you. At that point, I only knew enough about the process to be dangerous.

You were more than willing to meet with our department heads and let us discuss our concerns and desires. From that meeting, it was agreed that you would redo our website and give us email support as soon as our contract with Clearpages expired. You were quite the bargain as it turned out; you updated our website and all department webpages for 50% less than we paid for the original website 10 years ago! You also agreed to a monthly maintenance fee equal to the amount we had been paying our previous vendor. In turn, we agreed that our facilities might be able to provide Riverbender.com with some marketing opportunities as long as they were tied into some of the City’s programs and services. I think it’s obvious that we both have benefited from the arrangement.

As treasurer of the City, I appreciate the service you are providing. You are using your time and talent in a way that is benefiting the whole Alton community. For that, I thank you

Cindy Roth

Harmony Homes of Illinois

I am writing to both endorse and recommend Riverbender as a provider of Website Development and Search Engine Optimization. The best measure of success for me is, the amount of web traffic that Riverbender has steered to us. Before we had Riverbender prepare our Website and SEO we were lucky to get 100 users a month. Soon after Riverbender completed our project our hits skyrocketed. We now have around 1000 hits per month with nearly 80% new users.

The team at Riverbender has been courteous and helpful in all aspects of growing our web presence. Thank you Riverbender.

Thomas Neumann

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