Since 2016, Google has been shifting its indexing to prioritize mobile accessibility, a move that aims to enhance user experience in our increasingly mobile-centric world. While many thought this transition was completed last October, Google has recently clarified that the final phase will conclude after July 5, 2024.

John Mueller from Google announced that the remaining sites still crawled by the desktop Googlebot will switch to being crawled by the mobile Googlebot. He explained that most of the web is already being crawled this way, but after July 5, 2024, Google will exclusively use Googlebot Smartphone for crawling and indexing websites.

This means that if your site is not accessible on a mobile device, Google will no longer index or rank it. Mueller emphasized the necessity for mobile accessibility, stating, “If your site’s content is not accessible at all with a mobile device, it will no longer be indexable.” This marks a significant milestone as Google is now firmly prioritizing mobile compatibility.

It’s important to note that a site doesn’t need to be mobile-friendly to be indexed. However, if a site doesn’t render or load on mobile devices, Google won’t index it. For sites with desktop-only templates, it’s fine as long as the desktop version loads properly on a mobile device.

There will still be instances where Googlebot Desktop is used, particularly for product listings and Google for Jobs. So, you may still notice Googlebot Desktop in your server logs and reporting tools.

Why This Matters

For most site owners, this shift to mobile-first indexing won’t be an issue. However, if you’re working on SEO for a site that doesn’t load on mobile devices, it won’t be crawled or indexed by Google after July 5. Ensuring mobile accessibility is now crucial. Use the Google Search Console URL Inspection tool to test your site’s rendering on mobile devices and make necessary adjustments.

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